Yeongwonhi, So Nyuh Shi Dae!

SNSD, thank you for showing us your beautiful voices, artful dance moves, and gorgeous personalities.

SNSD, thank you for having the best sisterly bond ever–the SoShi Bond.

SNSD, thank you for being able to make me smile and laugh and cry with you.

SNSD, thank you for being strong all these years, and proving those antis wrong.

SNSD, thank you for loving SONES as we love you.

SNSD is only SNSD because of the nine members.

Each member is essential to the group.

Real SONES have to love all of them.

Not two or four of them.

All nine.

The dorky kid leader with the amazing powerhouse voice and a lot of peas, Kim Taeyeon.

The gorgeous vocalist who hates cucumber and has the Sica Effect, Jung Sooyeon.

The aegyo-filled bunny with a lot of spunk and a sunshiney attitude, Lee SoonKyu.

The “manager” of SNSD who has the biggest heart and the prettiest eye smile, Hwang Miyoung.

The undisputable Dancing Queen with the best sense of humor in So Nyuh Shi Dae, Kim Hyoyeon.

The sexy icon with a fun, playful side and a 4D personality, Kwon Yuri.

The loud and proud natural beauty who loves food unlike any other, Choi Sooyoung.

The visual girl who’s known for being a choding and having acting chops, Im Yoona.

And lastly, the perfect maknae with incredible smarts and unbelievable maturity, Seo Joohyun.



full credit from SAPPHiREDREAMs @ asianfanfics


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